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Our team is focused on bridging the gap between the curriculum and artistic creativity at Georgia Tech. We work closely with faculty and organizations on campus to help students realise their artistic capabilities within their disciplines.  

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meeting time - sunday, 4pm

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current team goals/projects of the semester


art hacks

the event is a free twelve hour artistic marathon where you team up and compete with other student artists for cross-medium collaboration and even attend some inspiring workshops by professional artists and creators. All digital, traditional, and performance art mediums are welcome.

annual makers fair GT

Makers Fair GT, a FREE workshop series that integrates arts and STEM by introducing practical skills. This three-day event will host a variety of unique workshops aimed to introduce new skills you've never thought of exploring and to give real-world skills you can take into your career after college.

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creative curricular initiatives fellowship

We’re the visuals + voice of Art Matters, communicating our artistic gospel to the people of Georgia Tech and beyond, crafting creations to catch your eye and share our events.