[1] Creativity After College


Hello! Welcome to our very first archive post.

If you don’t already know, we're Art Matters, a student group that creates creative opportunities and connections for students, by students. We're broken up into teams that address different areas of the arts climate at Tech - Public Art, Arts Community, and Arts+Academics. Now almost two years in, we've introduced a new team this semester called Why Arts to take a step back from all our programming and events and go back to our roots — why did we start this org in the first place?

One of our projects this semester is an ongoing digital archive with two main objectives: 1) articulate why the arts and creativity should be and are important to every student at Tech and 2) highlight and celebrate the creative community that already exists on campus. We’re gonna have fun with it and learn as we go, so don't expect your regular polished blog.

This week, we’ve got a short, unedited podcast for you about using art/design after you've graduated, especially in your career. Our fabulous member, Risha Parikh, interviewed Stephen Song, a recent Computational Media graduate who just started his job at Facebook (congrats, dude!). Check out his thoughts on using creative outlets and how that helped him be successful at Tech (and now successful out of Tech).

We’re a lil experimental & a lotta fun, so keep up with our growth by following us on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for being a part of our journey!

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