what we do

We are committed to developing the Georgia Tech arts culture by mobilizing students and developing campus-wide projects. We are leaders and liaisons synthesizing campus arts organizations and engaging local art communities.

We're broken up into five teams to address different areas of campus. Check out what each team focuses on and the specific projects we're working on below.


arts community

mobilizing students and student art organizations into stronger communities and providing spaces for collaboration

our projects (link coming soon)


arts + academics

integrating arts and the creative process into the academic setting and identifying existing artsxtech

our projects

marketing + design

developing digital & print content to support our marketing, branding, and storytelling efforts with a cohesive voice

our projects

public arts

representing students in public art plans and programming opportunities to showcase artwork and develop artistry

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why arts

researching the value arts bring to a technical institution, capturing the arts movement ethos, articulating both to campus & beyond, and celebrating existing arts channels

our projects (link coming soon)